vSphere Web Client Error with FireFox on the Mac…

30 Jul

Yesterday after deploying two new vCenters (with the same FQDN as the previous vCenters) FireFox on the Mac gave me this error when ever I loaded up the Web Client:

RSL failed to load. Error #2032

All my other web-browsers (Chrome, FireFox, IE on Windows, Chrome, Safari on the Mac) were happy. Fortunately, a full reset of FireFox fixed my issue – all I had to do after the reset of FireFox was re-install my LastPass plug-in…

Article: How to reset FireFox…


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  1. Carlos Fernandez

    August 6, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Even though your solution will work it is not needed to go so far.
    Just clear the browser cache would do it.


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